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Our Commitment to Society

CSR is a key asset of our strategy and has always played a fundamental role within our business by enhancing our ability to deliver our strategic objectives.

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Leadership team with Dr. Abdul Bari Khan of Indus Hospital at the donation ceremony

Helping flood victims

Climate-induced flash floods of 2022 called for an unprecedented emergency and humanitarian aid from both individuals and corporations all over the world.

Our former company’s Global philanthropic arm -Foundation S- made a generous donation to support flood victims in Pakistan:

  • € 400,000 to UNICEF to provide the affected population with delivery kits, water purification caps, water tanks, nutrition kits, and essential medicines.

  • € 200,000 to the Red Cross Croix-Rouge (French Red Cross) to procure emergency aid materials (tents, shelters etc.) and water purification systems.

We donated products amounting to PKR 20.63 million to the Indus Hospital & Health Network (IHHN) to treat over 550,000 patients suffering from gastro-related conditions following the floods.

Our employees also came forward to make financial and in-kind donations to assist flood victims. In partnership with the Karachi Relief Trust (KRT), our employees volunteered their time to help pack 500 ration bags, in addition to donating food and clothing. The amount donated by employees was presented to Akhuwat Foundation to support the NGO in its rehabilitation initiatives for the flood victims.

As a humanitarian gesture, we offered free warehouse space to the Karachi Relief Trust, facilitating the NGO to store large stocks of donated goods for phased shipment to targeted destinations.

Hoechst Pakisatn
Hoechst Pakisatn

Musfira, 11 Years MPS 1 patient

Bringing hope to rare disease patients

Our commitment to patients extends beyond developing therapies.

The Global Humanitarian Program of our previous entity’s rare disease franchise provides several therapies free to people for whom treatment may be financially or logistically beyond their means, and to those who qualify. Our Rare Humanitarian Program is the first humanitarian initiative of its kind for people with Lysosomal Storage Disorders (LSD), a group of rare genetic conditions caused by enzyme deficiencies.

23 patients of LSDs benefitted from this program in Pakistan between 1997 and 2022 . Of these 23 patients, 18 are of Gaucher disease, 1 of Pompe disease, and 3 of MPS-1 .

Gut Health Classroom

We believe that empowering individuals, the community and healthcare professionals to promote and practice self-care will support people all over the world to live healthier, fuller lives. This will contribute significantly to more sustainable healthcare systems.

We launched a robust awareness campaign in schools to impart education to children on gut health. In 2022, over 10,000 school children in more than 100 schools across Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad & Sukkur were engaged and educated on gut health. The goal of educating the children on taking proper care of their hygiene is to help reduce health risks such as diarrhea, stomach aches and sluggish intestines.

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Gut Health session

Hoechst Pakisatn

School children after receiving training on the KiDS program


Kids and Diabetes in Schools (KiDS) is an international collaborative project of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and multiple partners. The KiDS project aims to foster a safe and supportive school environment for children with diabetes. The objective is to prevent discrimination while raising awareness about diabetes and the benefits of healthy eating habits and physical activity among school children.

In Pakistan, the program has been active since 2016 with various public and private entities supporting the cause, including long-term partners like National Education Foundation (NEF) and Akhuwat Foundation. In April 2022, an MoU was inked with Akhuwat Foundation whereby children and teachers of Akhuwat owned/adopted schools across Punjab, will be trained till 2024 on Type 1 diabetes and prevention of diabetes risk factors, under the banner of KiDS.

Overall, in 2022, 4,867 school children and 626 faculty members in 16 schools in Lahore and AJK were trained on the signs and symptoms of Type 1 diabetes and the importance of promoting a healthy lifestyle from an early age.

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Trained faculty of NEF Muzaffarabad schools